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Toxic Household Items you Should Kick to the Curb

Posted on 06 June 2019

In the world of social media, the appeal of living a healthy lifestyle has grown. With an unlimited supply of health and wellness accounts sharing their tips and tricks on eating healthy and working out, we are gifted with free ways to live healthier. It’s almost too easy. I don’t know about you, but I am on board to try any new recipe or work out that comes my way - it’s so exciting! My question is, why we are so easily persuaded to eat and live healthy but we use toxic household items? Here are five household items that are toxic and should be removed from your home.

  1. Air Fresheners
    These tropical and ocean scented products may seem appealing for the overall scent of your living space, but they are loaded with the hormone-distrupting chemicals known as phthalates. These chemicals can effect hormones and reproductive health - especially in children. Often times, phthalates are excluded from the list of ingredients on these are freshers, and are even found in the air fresheners that are advertised as “all natural” and “unscented”.

  2. Fabric Softeners + Dryer Sheets
    Again, another appealing product that makes your life a little easier. Or, in this case, your clothes smelling fresh and feeling softer. However, the ingredients used to make them and the fragrances they are loaded with can cause asthma, allergies, or lung irritation.
  1. Oven Cleaners
    We all know the terrible smell of an oven cleaner; it smells toxic, so why do we use it? Oven cleaners smell exactly as they should considering they contain corrosive alkalis. Breathing in or swallowing those chemicals can cause difficulty breathing, throat swelling, vision loss, abdominal pain, or skin irritation.

  2. Antibacterial Soaps
    With the word, “antibacterial”, in it, we assume it must be good for you. Getting rid of bacteria? Sign me up! However, the triclosoan and triclorcarbon in antibacterial soap is actually harmful. According to the FDA, “it can be linked to creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria and is not biodegradable.”
  1. Toilet Bowl Cleaners
    If something is powerful enough to make a toilet bowl sparkle again, what do you think it can do to your body? These chemicals can cause burns on your skin and eyes. They are also a hazard when mixed with other types of cleaners. 

These are just five common household items that are toxic, and unfortunately, the list is much longer than this. A few simple ingredients to use in your household while still being conscious are, white vinegar, essential oils for scent, water, liquid Castile soap, lemon, and sea salt - it’s that simple! 

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